Friday, August 31, 2012

New card from Nataliya Simpson

This is my new Christmas girl design SUGAR PLUM done as a most delightful card by the newest EDT member Nataliya Simpson!
I love this sparkeling detail and the soft colours Nataliya used...
I think we have much to look forward to from Nataliya's projects in the future. She certainly has a unique vision when it comes to colour, texture and composition. ENJOY!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Looking for ideas

I am looking for ideas to add to my digi collection on ETSY for the holidays and beyond. Anyone/everyone take a look at my Etsy shoppe and see what you think I should add for years and beyond then drop me an email with your ideas. If I use your idea or you are the first to submit an idea I use I will send you a special digi sheet for your trouble and I will also give you redit for being a MUSE. I added or resurreted quite a number of Halloween designs this year now I need to beef up the winter holiday colletion as well Thanks Rick

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ETSY Update!!

I have added direct credit card sales via ETSY so now clients have a choice of direct sale or paypal. I hope this addition will make purchasing easier for some of you.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A new Elite Design Team member

I want to welcome our newest Design Team member NATALIYA SIMPSON. Nataliya did a great job of colouring this new 2012 design THEDA the VAMP-I love both of the versions she did and I look forward to her first project so I can show you more of her work!
WELCOME Nataliya...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pre-Halloween special 2012

I have set up a special sale on my ETSY site just for Blog followers use the code HALLOWEEN2012special and you will get 20 percent off your order! This sale is good through September 15, 2012 and is for all catagories including new designs and Christmas...have fun!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A little Holiday preview from Elaine and Helene

This is one of my new Christmas 2012 designs-an elf rolling in goodies... Elaine Lienhart sent me this wonderful sample this morning and mentioned she had "opened his eyes, hope I didn't mind?"-well I love what she's done and I think her open eyes look great-what do you think?
I have posted the ETSY sample so you can kind of compare the images. Here is Helene's version and they certainly have a differant feel from Elaine-I love the diverse visions my EDT ladies share with us!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New card from ELAINE

I am always excited to see what Elaine Lienharts does with my designs-she decided to do Joanie the Flower Child one of my newest designs and I have to say it is adorable and has all the feelibg of the 60's that I was hoping for. This is one of about 10 new big eyed charecters that all have a somewhat theatrical bent as well. You will find Joanie and her friends under the GENERAL tab over at my ETSY shop along with manyb other new designs especially for Halloween. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Halloween is coming

My favorite time of the year October to January-all my favorite holidays arrive-here are some projects using new 2012 Halloween designs by my design Team-more will be posted as they come in-I also addewd a new Christmas Lady and some other new designs today so check out Etsy. I will have more Christmas and winter up soon-still looking for new design team members so get your submissions in soon-I have 2 people who are looking very good but theres always room for a third!!!
Thanks to Helene for these great projects-I love the trick or treat/gift bag!!! Hazel has chimed in with a trick or treat box, a recipe book (LOVE THAT!!!) and also one of my newest designs MAE which I have included since it could be a costume card if done in Halloween colours-Thanks Hazel for your hard work and wonderful designs!!!
I love that Hazel is a free spirit when it comes to colour-only she would have done the fairy princess in antique tones!!
The Turquoise and coral make an unusual and standout design out of MAE! Hazel also sent me this card of DEVILINA a design I based on a 1930s style IMP showgirl. Hazel always has her own eye when it comes to colouring my designs and I have to say I like her version better than what I had in mind for Devilina. Hazel has made her way more Goth and edgy than the sparkly red costume version I had in mind and I love the spider webs and other embellishments she has used.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New SPRITE digi stamp from HAZEL

Hazel is always first on the spot when I send out new work to the DESIGN TEAM ladies! I always offer the EDT group a copy of ANY new image I have and Hazel asked for the Sprite. I love the soft, feminine colours and feel of this project and while Hazel made it springy with a change of palatte she could also be autumanal or winter. Thanks HAZEL for this wonderful project!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

DESIGN TEAM 2012-2013

Since Carina has had to leave the Elite Design Team and Elaine has had to cut down on her activities and since I intend to go in some different directions in the next year or so : I will be needing some new design team members-as many as 6. ABOUT MY EDT I do not have monthly projects-I need samples when I add new product I send free product to design team members in exchange for their time and the use of their samples I look for artists/designers who think outside the box and do projects that are unusual, not just cards (see past design team items) I look for photos that are well done and use props etc to showcase the work-see Elaine Lienharts photos I look for exceptional colouring ability and designers who tend to add bling or sparkle since that enhances my designs Halloween, Christmas and Spring are my strongest seasons I ask for a minimum of one year on the team but if you don't resign I will keep you on beyond that WHAT TO SUBMIT At least three past projects that show your work at its best email them to IF I am interested I will send you a sheet of designs and ask for a project using one of my creations so I can see how you work with my style Once I have recvd that project I will make my decision-please don't feel bad if I don't select you it has nothing to do with your ability it has to do with my taste and what I see in your work Please be aware of color, texture, composition and originality when submitting see HAZEL's work Thanks I look forward to seeing some new submissions-if you have submitted before now might be a good time to try again!! Rick